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Hong Kong

  • 7 concurrent connections allowed
  • 18 countries
  • 31 servers

Offers a dedicated TV package allowing you to stream shows in your country of choice. blackVPN is a solid option and one of the few VPN providers located in Hong Kong

blackVPN grants you access to more than 31 servers in around 18 countries

Using blackVPN to access streaming services

blackVPN works well to watch USA streaming services including Netflix, Disney+, Hulu and Amazon Prime.

It can also be used to access other steaming services internationally such as BBC iplayer, ITV player, all4

Devices supported by blackVPN

FAQ for blackVPN

Does blackVPN support IPV6?

Unfortunately IPV6 is not enabled

How many concurrent connections does blackVPN support

blackVPN supports 7 concurrent connections

Does blackVPN accept crypto currency such as bitcoin?

Unfortunately payment by cryptocurrencies is not supported


  • 18 Countries
  • 31 servers

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