Are lifetime VPN subscription offers worth it?

Are lifetime VPN subscription offers worth it?

Are lifetime VPN subscription offers worth it?

We investigate the pros and cons of getting a lifetime VPN subscription and whether it's advisable to do over a yearly/monthly plan.

The number of lifetime VPN  deals has increased lately. In this article we investigate the pros and cons of such deals and when you should select them over a standard monthly or yearly deal. 

What is a lifetime VPN subscription?

A lifetime VPN deal offers you access to a VPN providers service for the lifetime of the company (not your lifetime!). Normal VPN subscriptions would be charged on a monthly or yearly basis but in the case of a lifetime subscription, just one payment would be required for the lifetime of the service. It's important to check what exactly is included with the lifetime deal - for example, the number of concurrent connections allowed. 

Are there risks with a lifetime VPN deal?

Yes, there are risks involved with taking out a lifetime subscription. The main risk is that if the company goes bankrupt then you will be left without a service (or refund). A VPN provider which relies heavily on selling lifetime subscriptions rather than monthly/yearly subscriptions is more likely to suffer financial difficulty as they will have less revenue coming in on a regular basis.

Are there any hidden costs or things to look out for?

A lifetime VPN subscription can seem very cheap compared with paying a monthly fee. However, even though you have purchased a lifetime subscription it's likely the provider will try to up-sell you services in the future. For example, the VPN provider might offer you an increased number of concurrent connections. 

How should I select a lifetime VPN deal?

We recommend that you first select a VPN provider that meets your requirements and check the cheapest monthly/annual plan that you can find. Then see if that same provider offers a lifetime subscription either directly or through any third party sites. If the cost of the lifetime subscription if less than a few years worth of annual subscriptions it's probably worth going for. If you have a very tight budget and only want to consider cheap lifetime VPN subscriptions then checkout our VPN deals page which has all the top lifetime VPN subscription offers listed. 



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